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About Ellie

Ellenka Baumrind started Ellie’s Country Delights, Inc. in 2004. Ellie would buy fresh vegetables from the local farmer’s stands in the Hamptons, and create her vegetable stews from the produce sourced from the land. Her friends loved it so much that they offered to buy the vegetables if she would make it for them. It takes a good six hours of prep and cooking, not to mention the clean up to make a good ratatouille because of the attention to the stewing detail. After thinking that there had to be an easier way, the light bulb went off and she set about creating her product line of vegetable stew. It took her two years working alongside the USDA to develop the recipe and then another year of perfecting her all natural line.

Today she prides herself on delivering three all natural products. Regular Vegetable Stew, Vegetable Stew with Mushrooms and Spicy Vegetable Stew. They are Ready-to-Serve, and can be used over rice or pasta, as a side dish to meat or fish or as Ellie likes to eat, straight out of the jar cold. These are guilt free and delicious for the hurried and hungry! Perfect after a long day with little time to shop and cook. One of Ellie’s friends has now lost over 12lbs incorporating the stews into her diet and so many have commented to her that they absolutely “love it!”.

Ellenka wishes you good health and asks that you email her your success weight loss story and any other recipe ideas you may have.


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